Medical Device Software Professional Network

A private group dedicated to supporting Medical Device Software professionals. 

We share our knowledge & experience on how to build better Medical Device Software. 

We help patients and companies by helping each other build better software.

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Practice not theory

The MDSW Network is dedicated to expanding the skills of practicioners via sharing methods and practices. We aim to contribute to expanding the knowledge sharing on how to achieve safety, performance and compliance in an agile, sustainable and economic way.

Weekly Programs

Weekly you will be invited to live events. These will address areas important to our members. Topics will include looking at regulations, events, methodology deep dives, interviews and other topics. Joining empowers you to request and set the topics and agendas which are important to you.

Professional Community

No single professional can cover the depth and breadth of Medical Device Software regulations, standards, methodologies and technologies. Joining a network of skilled professionals allows you to tap into other members wide experience.

Interactive sessions & Expert Interviews

The weekly events will be interactive to allow you to contribute before the event, and engage during the event. We will bring in highly skilled and experienced professionals to share their knowledge. By joining the network you will be able to join live interviews and ask questions.


We are developing practical training for QARA professionals that allows them to gain hands on experiences with agile tools, methodologies, and even compile and build code. We aim to bridge the gap software engineers and QARA. Members can join pilot programs and gain discounts on all training.


We are building a set of modern resources to be made available to members. This will include git repos for templates, toolchain configuration guides, and other resources. We aim to add value to the network by allowing members access to useful and implementable tools.

Contribute to a real Device

I own an ISO13485 certified Medical Device Software Company and have a pre-registration device on the market. I will share my experiences being a software developer and give you the opportunity to learn directly from my experiences and technical file.

... and more

As we develop the community and find out the needs of our members we will expand our offering to address their needs.

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